How to reduce work wear when using polyurethane coated wheel conveyor belts?

| How to reduce work wear when using polyurethane coated wheel conveyor belts?

The features of polyurethane coated roller wheels.
2020-12-09 16:00

Polyurethane has excellent performance characteristics such as high mechanical strength, oxidation stability, flexibility, resilience, oil resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and fire resistance, but when it is made into products such as encapsulation, wheel or conveyor belt At this time, because their work wear is more serious, they need good wear resistance. So, what are the wear resistance factors that affect the polyurethane encapsulation?

1. Material
The material of rubber is an important factor to ensure whether the polyurethane encapsulation is abrasion-resistant. Its performance parameters affect the quality of the encapsulation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a variety of rubber that meets industrial and mining conditions. It has excellent abrasion resistance and can be several times higher than ordinary rubber. Ten times, it is an ideal high wear-resistant material.
2. Adhesion
In the process of using polyurethane encapsulation, it is often affected by long-term friction and centripetal force. If the selected adhesive cannot effectively bond, it will cause premature degumming and cause the system to stop.
3. Vendor
The selected manufacturer must have good on-site analysis and construction capabilities. According to the actual situation, choose rubber sheets of different thickness, hardness and wear resistance. Failure to make a practical choice often results in excessive wear of the encapsulation. Changing to a chain extender can enhance its wear resistance. MCDEA is a new type of aromatic diamine chain extender. Because there is no hydrogen atom on the ortho carbon atom of the amino group, and a gas atom is introduced in the meta position, and the stability is better, the prepared product has good wear resistance, heat resistance and mechanical properties. It not only improves the wear resistance of the polyurethane encapsulation, but also reduces the toxicity.