Automatic Intelligent Jib Crane for Warehouse Workshop

| Automatic Intelligent Jib Crane for Warehouse Workshop

Fully automatic intelligent jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment combined with intelligent technology, which can realize automatic operation, intelligent perception, intelligent decision-making and other functions.
2023-06-16 16:54
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The automatic intelligent jib crane is a crane equipment that combines intelligent technology. By integrating technologies such as sensors, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, it can realize functions such as automatic operation, intelligent perception, and intelligent decision-making.

 Cleanroom intelligent jib crane

Features of intelligent jib crane:

  ● Automated operation: It can realize automatic grabbing, placing and transportation operations through integrated sensors and computer systems, reducing manual intervention and labor intensity.

  ● Intelligent perception: Through sensors and computer vision technology, it can perceive changes in the surrounding environment, such as the position, shape, weight and other information of objects, so as to perform accurate operations.

  ● Intelligent decision-making: It can analyze and judge objects according to preset rules and algorithms, and make reasonable operation decisions. It can automatically adjust the length and angle of the boom according to the weight and shape of the object to maintain balance and stability.

  ● Safety: With safety protection function, when encountering abnormal conditions, such as objects falling, overloading, etc., it can automatically stop the operation to avoid accidents. At the same time, the intelligent jib crane can also detect and prevent potential dangers in advance through the early warning system.

  ● Flexibility: The operation can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs. It can automatically adjust the length and angle of the boom according to the size and weight of different objects to adapt to different working scenarios.

  ● Improve efficiency: It can realize automatic operation and intelligent decision-making, which greatly improves work efficiency. It can quickly and accurately complete pick, place and transport tasks, saving time and labor costs.

Intelligent jib crane

Precautions for operating intelligent jib cranes:

  ● The operating manual should be read carefully and familiarized with. Understand the various control buttons, safety devices and function settings to ensure correct operating procedures and safe operating methods.

  ● The security of the operating environment needs to be ensured. Clear the surrounding obstacles to ensure that no persons or other objects will be hit or dropped by the jib crane.

  ● Before using a jib crane for pick and place operations, the condition of the spreader and load needs to be checked. Make sure that the spreader is in good condition and the load is stable and does not exceed the capacity of the jib crane.

  ● When operating the jib crane, keep the movement steady and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration, so as not to cause load shaking or accidents.

  ● According to actual needs, reasonably adjust the range and strength of the jib crane. Avoid over-extending or over-retracting the jib, as well as over- or under-strength, to ensure the accuracy and safety of the operation.

  ● When picking and placing loads, care needs to be taken to keep the load balanced. Avoid tilting or instability of the load, which may cause the load to drop or be damaged.

  ● Regular maintenance and inspection are required to ensure the normal operation and safety of each component. This includes lubricating components, checking electrical systems, calibrating sensors, and more.

  ● In case of emergency, such as load abnormality, equipment failure or safety problems, the operation should be stopped immediately and dealt with according to the emergency procedures in the operation manual.

Intelligent jib cranes are widely used in industrial production lines, warehousing logistics, construction and other fields. It can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, while also improving safety and accuracy. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, the functions and application prospects of intelligent jib cranes will be further expanded.

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