Wall Mounted Work Station Jib Crane

| Wall Mounted Work Station Jib Crane

Wall mounted workstation jib crane is a wall mounted lifting device that usually consists of a jib and an electric hoist. The swing arm can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and the electric hoist can rise and fall along the swing arm for lifting and carrying goods.
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Wall mounted workstation jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment mounted on the wall or column. Through the combined movement of the rotating arm and the telescopic arm, it can realize the rapid transportation of materials at different heights and positions. It has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, safety and reliability, and is widely used in material handling and assembly work in factories, workshops, warehouses and other environments.

Aluminum wall mounted jib crane

What parts does it consist of

  ● Base: As the fixed part of the crane, the base is firmly installed on the wall or column through bolts or other fixing methods.

  ● Rotating arm: It is a key component connecting the base and the telescopic arm. It realizes the horizontal adjustment of the crane through rotating movement.

  ● Telescopic arm: It can be telescopically adjusted according to actual needs to adapt to material handling of different lengths.

  ● Electric hoist or manual hoist: As the power source of the crane, the electric hoist or manual hoist is responsible for the vertical lifting movement of materials.

  ● Control system: including power supply, switches, controllers, etc., used to control the movement and function realization of the crane.

Design features of wall mounted jib cranes

  ● It adopts wall mounted design and does not take up floor space, making it suitable for working environments with limited space.

  ● Through the combined movement of the rotating arm and the telescopic arm, materials can be quickly transported at different heights and positions, improving work efficiency.

  ● The design is reasonable, the structure is stable, and it is equipped with safety protection devices, such as overload protection, limit switches, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

  ● The structure is simple and clear, easy to maintain and maintain, and reduces the cost of use.

Wall mounted workstation jib crane

How to achieve wall mounted installation

  ● Determine the installation location: According to actual needs, select a suitable wall as the installation location of the jib crane to ensure that the wall is flat and solid.

  ● Install the bracket: Install the bracket on the selected wall, make sure the bracket is horizontal and vertical, and secure it firmly using expansion bolts or welding.

  ● Install the jib: Install the jib crane on the bracket to ensure that the jib and bracket are tightly and stably connected.

  ● Connect the power supply: According to the power requirements of the jib crane, connect the appropriate power lines and control lines to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  ● Debugging equipment: After the installation is completed, debug the jib crane to check whether all functions are normal and ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

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