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Why Choose Us?
Professional crane hoisting system research and development,production,sales and service as one integrated company,is a high-end crane industry leader!
Rich Experience
Strong raw materials supporting the production capacity, with long-term accumulation of technical experience, to improve the quality of the pursuit, to provide customers with a full range of crane products and service.
The Best Products
In the research and development of intelligent crane design, as well as clean room crane technology research and development has the very high attainments and leading level.
A Strong Technical Team
Perennial engaged in crane manufacturing team and the development experience of mechanical manufacturing design research and development team, strong team strength is the guarantee of your trust.
The Best Service
Professional service team, determine design consultancy, late after-sales service, service to customers with high demands!
KUNFENG CRANE is specialized in the intelligent crane, based on the customer's requirements, if any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Our Customers
Cooperative Enterprise
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Our Staff
Custom crane is the special crane, KUNFENG CRANE can supply the customized lifting solutions.
Installation Standards for KBK Monorail Crane

As an efficient and flexible material handling equipment, KBK monorail crane plays a vital role in industrial production....

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As an important industrial equipment, manual column jib crane is widely used in various lifting operations....

Dust Proof Function of Clean Room Overhead Crane

Cleanroom overhead cranes are lifting equipment specially designed for cleanroom environments. They have excellent dust-proof functions, ensuring that material handling tasks can be completed efficiently and accurately in a highly clean environment....

Installation of Stainless Steel Workstation Jib Crane

Stainless steel workstation jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment, mainly used in workstations, production lines and other places that require frequent lifting....