KUNFENG CRANE is committed to providing the best and most considerate customer service in the industry, focusing on building long-term cooperative service relationships with existing customers, and providing customers with comprehensive and in-depth services. The after-sales service department continuously strives to provide global service long after the crane is delivered and installed.

What are our services?Crane distribution box installation

  ● Routine inspection service

  ● Regular maintenance service

  ● Renovation service

  ● Spare parts service

Why after-sales service?

Our after-sales service reduces the possibility of crane failure and unplanned downtime of the production process. Maintenance is proactive rather than reactive. This will ultimately save time and reduce costs. Additionally, well-maintained cranes provide a safe working environment for mechanics and other employees.

What does the after-sales service program of intelligent cranes include?

  ● Regular care and maintenance: including regular inspection, lubrication, cleaning and maintenance of equipment to ensure normal operation and extend service life of equipment.

  ● Parts replacement: Providing original spare parts replacement services, including providing qualified parts and replacement and installation.

  ● Troubleshooting and maintenance: Respond to customer fault reports in a timely manner, provide equipment troubleshooting and maintenance services, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  ● Safety inspection and certification: Conduct regular safety inspections and certifications on equipment to ensure that the equipment meets relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements.

  ● Training and technical support: Provide customers with training on equipment operation, maintenance and safe operating procedures, and provide technical support to answer problems encountered by customers during use.

  ● Suggestions for further improvement: Provide customers with problems found during the use of equipment and suggestions for improvement to improve the efficiency and performance of the equipment.

2t cleanroom crane

To sum up, our after-sales service covers many aspects such as equipment maintenance, repair, parts replacement, safety inspection, training and technical support. These services are designed to ensure the normal operation of customer equipment and extend the life of the equipment, while providing technical support and training to meet customer needs and ensuring that the equipment complies with relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements.