5 Ton Jib Cranes Buyer Guide

| 5 Ton Jib Cranes Buyer Guide

Introduction Of Jib CraneJib Crane refers to a type of crane that features a horizontal arm, called a jib or boom, which is mounted on a vertical support structure.
2023-11-01 13:11

Jib Crane refers to a type of crane that features a horizontal arm, called a jib or boom, which is mounted on a vertical support structure.

Do you know how to choose a suitable jib crane for you lifting?

1. Functional requirement of cantilever crane

When selecting a cantilever crane, it's important to consider its functional requirements. With numerous manufacturers and models available, the features and functions of each crane can vary, and as a result, their intended purposes may differ. Therefore, when choosing a cantilever crane, it's essential to take into account your specific needs and requirements. The size of the crane should be selected based on your workplace's unique needs. For example, we supplied several 100kg clean room jib cranes for APPLIED MATERIAL, equipped with stainless steel cover and organ cover, most of the dust and chippings will be prevented to the chips below machine.

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2. Considering the quality of the cantilever crane.

When selecting a cantilever crane, it is important to consider its quality and choose the appropriate type according to the intended work purpose. The different types of cantilever cranes available in the market come with specific descriptions that cater to different user needs. To ensure that the chosen crane meets the user's requirements, it is essential to observe its welding interface and inspect for normal welding and the absence of cracks. Additionally, various factors can impact the cantilever crane's performance, which requires attention to detail. By carefully examining each part of the crane product, you can choose a high-quality cantilever crane that meets your need.

Check this article to learn more about our crane quality control process.

3. Budget for Jib Crane

When it comes to cantilever cranes, there are numerous types available in the market, each with varying prices. The cost of cranes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. And every components costs vary a lot. Therefore, considering the budget before making a purchase is important. In addition, creating a rank order of your requirements can assist with decision-making.

4. Reputation of Jib Crane Manufacturer

Reputation of crane manufacturer also should be considered. A good reputation typically indicates high quality cranes and good service. You can research the manufacturer's reputation online or ask your friends and acquaintances for their experiences. KUNFENG CRANES supply comprehensive crane service to clients, including one year warranty, technical service, etc.

In short, when users buy cantilever crane products, they should start from these four aspects, and look at the product price under the premise of focusing on quality. If the price is acceptable to users, such cantilever crane products can be selected. Of course, when buying a cantilever crane, it is recommended to shop around. Through comparison, you can know which cantilever crane manufacturer is suitable for you, so that you can choose a cantilever crane product that suits you.

KUNFENG CRANES jib crane have wall mounted jib crane, portable jib crane, pillar jib crane, articulating jib crane, truss structure jib crane, Designed with capacity up to 5 ton, our cantilever cranes can be your powerful assistant in lifting heavy loads. 

If you still don't know how to choose the right jib crane, our professional design team will tailor it for you!