The Examination Items of Tower Crane Before Operation

New   |      2022-11-23 17:10
Tower crane is a commonly used goods lifting equipment in all kinds of construction sites, which needs regular examination and maintenance to ensure safe and smooth operation. KF CRANE is a well-known tower crane manufacturer, and we will analyze the specific items as the followings: 1.Users should undergo regular inspection to the foundation, anchor bolts, boom, slewing, the balance arm rod, reel bolt, pin shaft brakes and other key parts, and they should start working after ensuring that there is no loosening parts or obscission. 2.Extensive inspection should also be underwent to the motor, reducer, brake, hydraulic oil tank and so on. The steel structure of tower crane should haveno deformation, andthe operation mechanism should be normal,especially the action of the brake.3.Users should carefully checkthe power distribution box, and the controller should be at zeroposition. The power supply should beswitched on, and there should have no leakage. 4.Operators should pre-relax the cable beforelifting operations,and the length should belarger than the lifting height. The cable reel should be fastened in dropping process. 5.Users shouldcheck the hydraulic system, lifting frame structure, guide wheeland other vital parts before operation. 6. Users should stop working immediately if there is any abnormal noise in the working process.
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