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Automatic Cranes is also called unmanned crown block and intelligent crown block.
2022-05-06 10:07

Automatic Cranes is also called unmanned crown block and intelligent crown block; It is based on the traditional crown block, through a series of upgrading and transformation, and enabled by the latest technology, so that it has the functions of high-precision positioning, automatic cargo identification, intelligent operation and so on. As an industrial basic equipment, the development process of automatic control of driving has developed from the initial relay hardware circuit logic to the current PLC logic control and remote control.
The unmanned intelligent crown block only needs the WMS (warehouse management system) system to issue the work task remotely. The crane will automatically identify the task content, start the lidar to scan the environment of the work area, identify the display coordinates of the truck and the cable reel on the truck, grab the cable reel and place it in the storage area specified by the WMS (warehouse management system) task based on the high-precision manipulator and visual recognition.
In recent years, the market demand for unmanned driving has gradually emerged, especially for hoisting operations in harsh and high-risk industries. Intelligent unmanned driving has become the first choice; The application of intelligent driving technology to workshop production has greatly improved production efficiency, saved labor costs and brought long-term economic benefits to enterprises. Especially in some high-risk industries, the equipment of unmanned crown block system can avoid harm to human body to the greatest extent and make the production work safer.
The unmanned crown block system is a comprehensive system integrating intelligence, informatization and automation. Through advanced industrial technologies such as coded cable positioning, laser positioning, rotary encoder, sensor, PLC operation control, bar code management, remote data acquisition, wireless network communication and so on, the information interaction between the operation terminal and the crown block is completed.
Six main frameworks of Automatic Cranes: intelligent crown block control system, regional safety system, on-site monitoring system, WMS (warehouse management system) system interface, manual / automatic control system and three-dimensional coordinate system.