What is the technique of Europe crane?

| What is the technique of Europe crane?

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2022-11-23 17:05

With the growing importance of European style cranes in the material handling industry to improve, more and more European style cranes used in workshop, hook crane running swing managed directly affects the European style cranes use the security and efficiency of production.

European Crane itself cause great potential safety hazard.
Therefore, our company Kun Feng heavy industry (Suzhou) co.,Ltd absorbing advanced experience both at home and abroad in recent years, Europe type crane anti sway control system can reduce the size of the crane load sway more than 90%, greatly improving the Europe type crane in the material handling industry production efficiency, improve the security in the Europe type crane in use.
Load swing control principle is based on swing movement time and lifting height to calculate, the swing system by calculating automatically correct hook under the weight of back and forth.(Experimental conditions of Europe type crane, capacity: 100 tons, the trolley 30 m/min running speed, crane speed 40 m/min)
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