DRS 160 Drive Wheel Block

| DRS 160 Drive Wheel Block

The DRS 160 drive wheel block is a key component used to provide the walking and moving functions of construction machinery and heavy equipment.
2023-02-24 13:45
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The drive wheel block is a key component used to provide the walking and moving functions of construction machinery and heavy equipment. The DRS160 drive wheel block is a specific type of traveling wheel box. It transmits power to the traveling wheels through the traveling wheels and transmission devices, promotes the walking motion of the equipment, and carries and supports the weight of the equipment.

DRS drive wheel block

Manufacturing process:

  ● Design and engineering analysis: Based on the use requirements and application scenarios of the driving wheel, design and engineering analysis are conducted to determine the size, structure, load-bearing capacity and other parameters of the driving wheel.

  ● Material selection: Select appropriate materials for manufacturing based on design requirements and application scenarios. Depending on the material properties, processes such as material processing and heat treatment may be required.

  ● Processing and manufacturing: Processing and manufacturing of driving wheels according to design drawings and process requirements. This includes material cutting, turning, milling, drilling, welding and other process steps. Dimensional accuracy and surface quality need to be ensured during the manufacturing process.

  ● Heat treatment: For some metal materials, heat treatment processes, such as quenching, tempering, etc., may be required to improve the strength and hardness of the material.

  ● Surface treatment: The surface of the driving wheel usually requires surface treatment to improve its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and appearance quality. Common surface treatment methods include chrome plating, spraying, anodizing, etc.

  ● Assembly and inspection: Assemble the manufactured driving wheel and conduct quality inspection. Inspection includes dimensional measurement, material inspection, appearance inspection, etc. to ensure that the driving wheel meets the design requirements and quality standards.

The main function:

  ● Through the contact between the traveling wheel and the ground, the power is transmitted to the traveling wheel through the transmission device, thereby promoting the walking motion of the engineering machinery or heavy equipment. The drive wheel block is usually connected to a power source such as an engine or electric motor.

  ● The drive wheel block carries and supports the weight of the mechanical equipment. It distributes the weight of mechanical equipment to the ground through running wheels and related structures to provide stable support and load-bearing capacity.

  ● It has a steering control function, which can realize the steering and turning of mechanical equipment by adjusting the steering angle of the running wheel. Steering control is usually achieved via hydraulic or electric systems.

  ● It has shock absorption and stability measures to reduce the vibration and instability of mechanical equipment during walking. This can be achieved through suspension systems, shock absorbers and related designs.

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