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We offer a wide range of dedicated products to provide in the specific request for lifting and hoisting within controlled environments.
2022-02-08 16:02

Overhead Crane is a type of lifting equipment that is commonly used in industrial production. It can be used to lift and move various loads, such as materials, equipment, and finished products.

What is Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are facilities that require strict environmental control to maintain a sterile or dust-free environment. They are used in manufacturing and scientific research to protect the production of products like electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. They are defined by the ISO standard 14644-1. Therefore, the application of overhead cranes in cleanrooms requires special considerations and measures to ensure that the cleanroom environment is not contaminated.

Cleanroom Overhead Crane

Why we need overhead cranes in cleanrooms?

1. Contamination Control: Cleanroom overhead cranes are suspended from the ceiling, eliminating the need for wheels or tracks on the floor. This design minimizes the generation of particles and reduces the risk of contamination within the cleanroom environment.

2. Space Efficiency: Cleanroom bridge cranes allow efficient use of vertical space, optimizing the layout and workflow within the cleanroom. When equipped with intelligent control system, overhead cranes will have a wide application, e.g. handling, identifying and transporting steel bar automatically.

3. Precision and Control: Overhead cranes offer excellent control and accuracy, allowing operators to handle delicate or sensitive items with precision. KUNFENG Cranes has developed a new hoist for cleanroom lifting. Work in tandem with overhead crane, this cleanroom hoist features polyester belt, which ensure positioning accuracy within 2mm. Meanwhile, the lubricant free belt has lower particle emissions in the air, help maintain cleanness and save cost.

Cleanroom Belt Hoist

Overhead cleanroom crane is particularly critical during assembly, testing, or maintenance tasks where precise alignment is necessary to maintain product quality and cleanliness.The use of overhead cranes in cleanrooms is driven by the necessity to maintain a controlled and contamination-free environment.

In summary, the use of overhead cranes in cleanrooms provides several advantages, including contamination control, space efficiency, flexibility, precision, ergonomics, and cleanroom integration.

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