Manual Load Turning Units-KF-RV

| Manual Load Turning Units-KF-RV

KF-RV load turning units allow 360°rotation of goods to assist with the assembly or production of various items
2022-11-21 10:05
Foundry, metallurgy, stamping industry, etc.
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Product model: KF - RV manual,

Condole belt spacing cannot adjust, weight: 1000 to 30000 kg.

track flip crane

The component of product:

1. Hang the eye

2. The suspension

3. The crane beam

4. Adjust the gear 

5. Spring locking device

6. The drive motors

7. The driving wheels 

8. The chain or strap

9. Control box

10. CEE 5 hole socket

11. The line of control

12. Flashlight door

Scope of supply:

Basic configuration are applied to crane hook hanging eyes, belt line, appliance with switch (left/right and stop), 400 v / 50 hz 3 phase electric, 48 v control voltage, socket with CEE 5 hole.

Selection table:

TM - turning torque, TS - turning speed, W - gravity (do not contain condole belt/chain)

turning crane

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