Stainless Steel Free Standing Jib Crane

| Stainless Steel Free Standing Jib Crane

Stainless steel free standing jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment made of stainless steel and has a self-standing structure.
2024-06-21 17:38
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Stainless steel free standing jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment made of stainless steel and has a self-standing structure. It is mainly composed of cantilever, column, electric system, control system and other parts. It can realize vertical and horizontal transportation of goods and is widely used in various industrial production environments.

Stainless steel cleanroom jib crane

Product performance

  ● Made of high-quality stainless steel, the jib crane has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, and can adapt to various harsh industrial environments, such as moisture, corrosion and other places.

  ● The electric system has efficient and stable power output and can quickly complete various hoisting operations. At the same time, the intelligent control system can monitor the working status of the equipment in real time to ensure the safety and stability of the hoisting operation.

  ● Through the intelligent control system, operators can easily control the lifting, rotation and movement of the jib crane. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with various safety protection devices, which effectively reduces the difficulty and risk of operation.

  ● Using electric drive, it has lower energy consumption and less pollutant emissions than traditional diesel drive. This not only helps reduce industrial production costs, but also conforms to the current green and environmentally friendly development concept.

Product advantages

  ● It can complete lifting operations in multiple directions within a limited space, thereby optimizing the spatial layout of the job site.

  ● It has strong load capacity and can carry items of different weights for lifting and moving.

  ● It can rotate 360 degrees and has high flexibility, suitable for working needs at different angles.

  ● The mechanical lifting method is simple to operate, stable and reliable, and can effectively avoid safety hazards and ensure the safety of the operation.

  ● The equipment's structural design is reasonable and easy to maintain and maintain, reducing the company's maintenance costs.

Free standing folding arm jib crane

Scenes to be used

  ● Industrial production environments such as electronics, material yards, and metallurgical workshops: jib crane can quickly and accurately complete the transportation and installation of goods, improving production efficiency.

  ● Logistics sites such as ports and terminals: jib crane can easily handle the loading, unloading and handling of bulk goods, reducing the cost and labor intensity of manual handling.

  ● Construction sites, mines and other places: jib crane can exert its powerful lifting capacity to complete various complex tasks.

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