Optical Laboratory Clean Room Overhead Crane Price

| Optical Laboratory Clean Room Overhead Crane Price

The application of clean room overhead crane in optical laboratories is mainly used for the transportation, assembly and installation of optical components.
2023-09-27 17:24

Compared with cranes in other industries, clean room cranes have the characteristics of cleanliness, wear resistance, low failure rate, wide speed range, and accurate positioning. They are not only less likely to generate dust and absorb dust, but also have a long maintenance-free period. Clean room overhead cranes include main beams, end beams and lifting mechanisms. The structural parts, end beams and main beams of the crane lifting mechanism are made of stainless steel. The wire ropes and pulleys of the lifting hoist are sealed in a dust cover. The amount of dust particles generated by itself is below the clean room standard of Class 10,000.

The application of clean room overhead crane in optical laboratories is mainly used for the transportation, assembly and installation of optical components. Optical laboratories usually have very high requirements for air quality and dust particles, so clean room overhead crane can provide safe, precise and efficient material handling capabilities in a clean environment to ensure the accuracy and stability of optical experiments.

Optical laboratory clean room crane

Basic Features:

  ● As a clean electric hoist, the chain electric hoist is made of engineering plastics, nylon wheels, stainless steel wheels, etc., with a fully enclosed stainless steel dust cover on the outside.

  ● The clean electric hoist uses a telescopic bellows cover on the top and bottom, and the sealed telescopic bellows cover surrounds the upper and lower lifting chains of the electric hoist.

  ● The main beam of the clean room crane is sprayed with an electrostatic paint coating on the outside, and the main beam is also equipped with a telescopic transverse bellows.

  ● The horizontal organ cover is moved using stainless steel wire ropes or stainless steel C-shaped rails, and the organ cover is a C-shaped structure, covering the horizontal rail part from the bottom.

  ● For the electric hoist chain bag, we use a stainless steel chain box and install it on the stainless steel shell of the hoist. It is also equipped with an end cable collection box to place the moving cables.

  ● The power supply system used by the whole machine mainly includes: cables, support structures, etc. The cables transmit power to the drive motor to achieve left and right movement.

Product advantages:

  ● It adopts a bridge structure design, which is mainly composed of supporting bridges on both sides and a crane beam suspended on the bridge. This structure is compact and can effectively utilize the space in the clean room.

  ● The main components are made of stainless steel or anti-corrosion materials, which can adapt to the requirements of the clean room environment and prevent the crane from polluting the air quality of the clean room.

  ● Equipped with a precise control system, it can achieve precise lifting, moving and lowering operations, meeting the requirements of clean rooms for operational accuracy.

  ● Equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection, limit protection, power-off protection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the crane and prevent accidents.

  ● The requirements of clean rooms, such as reducing dust and preventing static electricity, are taken into consideration during the design and manufacturing process to ensure that the crane will not pollute the clean room environment.