Cleanroom Electric Hoist Applied to Bridge Crane

| Cleanroom Electric Hoist Applied to Bridge Crane

The clean room electric hoist bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment used in the clean room. It adopts the combination of electric hoist and bridge crane to transport and handle goods in the clean room.
2023-05-29 16:23

The clean room electric hoist bridge crane is mainly used in the field of high production environment. In order to avoid the occurrence of solid particles and dust in the daily work of the crane, it is necessary to strictly control the parameters of the clean room electric hoist bridge crane. Compared with conventional cranes, it is different in design method and type selection, and the crane is usually used in special occasions. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the research on electric hoist bridge cranes in clean rooms.

Overhead crane with electric hoist

Parameters of electric hoist bridge crane in clean room

Normally, the lifting capacity of the electric hoist bridge crane in the clean room is 16t, the span is 22.5m, the working level is A4, the lifting speed is 0.4-2.4m/min, the running speed of the cart is 8-32m/min, the trolley The running speed is 5-20m/min, and it adopts the full frequency conversion control form.

New type clean room electric hoist with bridge crane

The main structure includes a double steel structure main beam, the two ends of which are connected to the end beam of the cart, and the electric chain hoist is repeatedly cleaned along the trolley running track in the steel structure main beam. In the design of the electrical control system and the trolley power supply cable, a towline is installed on one of the main beams of the steel structure, and the trolley power supply cable is embedded inside the towline, and the steel structure beam and the end beam of the trolley, the electric hoist in the clean room, and the electrical system are all There is an anti-static inorganic anti-corrosion soil layer. This type of structure not only has a more stable structure, but also can avoid cable wear and tear, and the dust-proof level is very high, avoiding dust absorption due to static electricity.

Main advantages:

  ● The running track of the trolley is made of stainless steel, which can reduce the degree of wear and corrosion during the operation of the trolley, so that the problem of debris generated by the electric hoist during repeated operation can be greatly reduced;

  ● An electrostatic device is installed on the main beam of the steel structure, so the main beam is not easy to collect static electricity, which can avoid the problems of dust adsorption and hair adsorption;

  ● The trolley is mainly made of stainless steel wheels, and a layer of inorganic anti-corrosion coating is applied on the surface of the wheels, so that the problems of wheel wear and debris can be reduced;

  ● The selected inorganic anti-corrosion coating is a water-based zinc-chromium coating layer. This coating layer is not only very good in corrosion resistance, but also has no hydrogen embrittlement. It is suitable for high-strength stressed parts and can withstand a temperature of 300 ° C. Strong adaptability in component application;

  ● The lifting hook is mainly made of stainless steel to ensure that the selected material meets the DIN1540 standard, so as to ensure that there will be no more particles due to friction between the hook, the sling, and the sling;

  ● The lifting chain is mainly made of alloy steel G80 chain, which has high strength, strong wear resistance, good test resistance, low elongation, and strong plasticity, and conductive resin is applied on the lifting chain, so that Surface static electricity can be exported. Using high-strength chains will not generate friction dust during the traction process;

  ● The main body of the crane is mainly made of anti-corrosion and anti-friction polyurethane topcoat, which has the characteristics of good gloss, no softness, no stickiness, etc., and has very high chemical resistance and water resistance.

Cleanroom bridge crane

To sum up, with the continuous development of my country's food, pharmaceutical and other industries, dust-free clean workshops have emerged at the historic moment. In order to reduce the disadvantages of ordinary cranes, we need to strengthen the research work on bridge cranes supporting new clean room chain electric hoists. Ensure that the crane can meet the cleanliness standard in the production of the clean room.