Maintenance Methods for Semiconductor Cleanroom Crane

| Maintenance Methods for Semiconductor Cleanroom Crane

Semiconductor clean room cranes are lifting equipment designed specifically for semiconductor production environments to ensure highly sensitive semiconductor manufacturing under clean room conditions.
2024-01-05 15:49

Semiconductor clean room cranes are special lifting equipment for working in semiconductor workshops. Since semiconductor manufacturing has extremely high environmental requirements, clean room cranes have a series of special designs and functions to meet the special needs of semiconductor workshops. The main feature of clean room cranes is their high cleanliness level that meets the stringent requirements of semiconductor workshops. Since the semiconductor manufacturing process requires a highly clean environment, the surface treatment and material selection of clean room cranes must meet high cleanliness requirements to ensure that dust and particles are not generated during operation, thereby avoiding contamination of semiconductor products. 

Cleanroom overhead crane

Composition structure:

  ● Bridge: A structure used to span the supports on both sides to support and fix the entire crane.

  ● Cart: Installed on the bridge, it can move laterally along the bridge and is responsible for moving goods from one location to another.

  ● Trolley: It is installed on the cart and can move longitudinally along the cart. It is responsible for moving goods from the ground or vertical position to another location.

  ● Lifting mechanism: used to lift and hoist goods, usually consisting of a crane, wire rope (or chain), pulley, etc.

Main feature:

  ● Made of stainless steel and other materials, it is dustproof, waterproof and easy to clean.

  ● It has anti-static function to ensure that no electrostatic discharge is caused in the clean room.

  ● The crane's control system uses high-precision sensors and automatic control devices to ensure that the impact of the lifting operation on the clean room environment is minimized.

  ● It has excellent control performance to ensure that the crane operator can easily control the movement and stop of the crane.

  ● It has strong lifting capacity and can meet the lifting needs in clean rooms.

Semiconductor clean room crane

Routine maintenance:

  ● Check the appearance of the equipment: Regularly check the appearance of the crane, including the rails, spreaders, motors and other parts, to ensure that there is no serious wear, deformation or cracking. If found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

  ● Clean the equipment surface: Semiconductor clean rooms require a high surface finish. The surface of the crane should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, dirt and other impurities. Use appropriate cleaners and wipes, and avoid using rough cloths or cleaners containing corrosive substances.

  ● Check fasteners: Check the bolts, nuts and other fasteners on the crane to ensure that they are not loose. If it is loose, tighten or replace it in time.

  ● Check the lubrication status: Lubricate the bearings, chains, guide rails and other parts of the crane regularly to ensure good lubrication and reduce wear and friction.

  ● Check the electrical system: Check the crane's electrical system, including wires, cables, switches, contactors and other components, to ensure there is no damage, aging or short circuit.