What are the preparations for KBK track crane maintenance?

| What are the preparations for KBK track crane maintenance?

What are the preparations for KBK track maintenance?
2021-01-06 08:45

Preparations for KBK track crane  maintenance:
1. Before carrying out maintenance, relevant personnel and technicians should rush to the construction site. Furthermore, the work environment of the survey site must be prepared for the power supply, lighting and other facilities required in the later maintenance process.
2. Begin to compile the maintenance plan for KBK track, and then prepare the necessary tools, equipment and safety protection equipment required by the staff.
3. Training operators should be taken before maintenance of various types of tracks.
4. The operating technicians should choose a safer working location according to the on-site environment and actual conditions. It is strictly forbidden to stand and pass on the dangerous part of the track installation.
5. During the entire KBK track maintenance process, cleaning products, construction tools, professional equipment, etc. should be placed in the specified locations.
6. Before entering the construction site, operators need to wear safety helmets that meet the standards. In addition, every staff member should wear their own labor safety protective equipment correctly.
7. Maintenance personnel must not be shirtless and bare-legged, and not to wear slippers for construction. In addition, operators cannot participate in maintenance work after drinking.
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