What are the advantages of using a power-assisted manipulator?

| What are the advantages of using a power-assisted manipulator?

What are the advantages of using a power-assisted manipulator?
2021-12-29 15:19
What are the advantages of using a power-assisted manipulator?
1. The power-assisted manipulator can save labor and stabilize output
1. Use the power-assisted manipulator to take the products, and the injection molding machine can be operated unattended, so there is no fear of no one or employees asking for leave.
2. Implement one person one mechanism (including water cut, peak cutting and packing), equipped with conveyor belt, one person can watch 4-5 machines, which saves a lot of manpower and reduces workers' wages.
3. People will be tired, and the time for the robot to produce products is fixed, and there is no need to rest, especially in hot weather or night shifts, the effect is more obvious.
4. It is difficult to recruit high-level cultural personnel to operate the injection molding machine, and the cost increases. However, ordinary biotechnologists are not highly skilled and have a weak sense of responsibility, which causes difficulties in production and management.
5. There will always be conflicts when people get along, which will affect production. The use of manipulators for decompression reduces labor, and internal conflicts will not arise due to too much work pressure, and internal unity and cohesion of the company are improved.
2. The power-assisted manipulator makes the operation safer
1. Due to the continuous improvement and strictness of the labor law, the use of manipulators no longer has the risk of accidental injury to employees.
2. People rarely touch the product to avoid burns to employees due to overheating of the product.
3. There is no need to insert the mold by hand to take the product, so as to avoid potential safety hazards.
4. The manipulator computer is equipped with mold protection. If the product in the mold does not fall off, it will automatically give an alarm and will not damage the mold.
Three, assisting the manipulator can improve product quality
1. If the molding machine is automatic demoulding, the product will be scratched when it is dropped, and it will be stained with oil and produce defective products.
2. If a person takes out the product, there are four problems:
It is possible that your hands will scratch the product
It is possible that the hands are dirty and the product gets dirty
If multiple holes are leaked and the mold is crushed
Due to personnel fatigue, the cycle is affected and production efficiency is reduced.
3. Using the conveyor belt with a robot, the production and packaging personnel can single-mindedly and strictly control the quality, and will not be distracted by taking the product or being too close to the injection molding machine, which will affect the work and reduce the production efficiency.
4. The unfixed time for the personnel to take the product will cause the product to shrink and deform (if the material tube is overheated, it will need to be re-injected to cause waste of raw materials, and the current raw material prices are rising), and the manipulator takes out time is fixed to ensure product quality.
5. Personnel must close the safety door before taking the product, which will shorten the life of the molding machine or damage it, which will affect production. The use of a manipulator can ensure the quality of injection molding and extend the life of the molding machine.
Fourth, assisting the manipulator can improve production efficiency
1. The stability of the machine can be controlled to control the quality of the product, ensure the delivery time of the customer, maintain the good reputation of the company, and improve the competitiveness of the company.
2. The personnel taking the product is not fixed, and the slow opening and closing of the safety door has a great influence. In addition, people are inert, emotional, fatigued easily at night, lack of energy, and other things such as drinking water and going to the bathroom, it is estimated that the 24-hour production efficiency is only 70%. The manipulator can work uninterruptedly.
3. The investment cost is recovered quickly. For the products made by your company, the investment cost can be recovered in less than half a year.
4. The use of manipulators can automate the entire production and improve the company's image. The use of manipulators can reduce the use of personnel and make the site easier to manage, thereby improving the company's competitiveness.
5. If the product is manually taken out about 1000 molds a day, the robot can increase it by about 500 molds, that is, it is about 1500 molds a day with the robot. If the molding machine in the customer's factory is automatic demoulding, sometimes the product needs to be ejected 2-3 times. The prolonged time will affect the production efficiency, and the product will fall, which will cause scratches, oil stains, and molds, etc., resulting in defective products .
6. If the molding machine uses a manipulator as a whole, each molding machine can save 1/3 or 1/2 labor for quality inspection and packaging.