What are the advantages of polyurethane over rubber products?

| What are the advantages of polyurethane over rubber products?

The advantages of polyurethane over rubber products.
2020-12-04 14:30

What are the advantages of polyurethane compared with rubber products? Polyurethane is becoming more and more well-known to the public for its excellent elasticity.
Compared with rubber products, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Polyurethane material has a wider range of hardness
    For example, when pressing large-size workpieces, use a polyurethane material with greater hardness to make a rigid mold, which has good support during loading, and the mold will not deform; when pressing some special-shaped parts, use a low-hardness polyurethane soft mold , Easy  to demould after pressing, easy to use. These characteristics are not satisfied by isostatic rubber molds.
Polyurethane has higher precision
     Polyurethane mold is made by pouring, with higher precision and more uniform material. The advantages are more obvious when pressing high-precision products.
 Polyurethane has small deformation and high yield
 Polyurethane isostatic pressing mold is made by pouring liquid polyurethane prepolymer, the material is more uniform, the pressure is more uniform during the pressing process, and there is no bending or distortion.

Polyurethane has a longer service life
 Polyurethane has better pressure resistance than rubber, it rebounds quickly after compression, and the deformation is small, and the accuracy of long-term use does not decrease. Moreover, the surface of the isostatic rubber mold is prone to oxidation and sticky after a long time. The polyurethane material has anti-oxidation ability, and the performance of the mold will not decrease after long-term use or storage.
 The surface of polyurethane products is smoother   
The surface of the finished product produced by pressing is also very smooth, reducing post-processing, improving efficiency and reducing costs.