Three-axis handling Gantryrobot

| Three-axis handling Gantryrobot

Three-axis handling Gantryrobot,The composition of the handling Gantryrobot:The Gantryrobot is composed of a mounting frame, a manipulator positioning system, a servo drive system, a control system...
2022-05-16 11:15

Three-axis handling Gantryrobot

The composition of the handling Gantryrobot:
The Gantryrobot is composed of a mounting frame, a manipulator positioning system, a servo drive system, a control system, an electric control power distribution system, and a safety protection device, and is equipped with an automatic feeding positioning system. (optional automatic stacking system, real stacking conveying system)
1. Gantryrobot mounting frame
Because the moving speed of the manipulator palletizer is very fast, the start-stop state has a great impact on the mounting frame. The mounting frame must have very good rigidity to ensure the stable operation of the manipulator. We designed a welded steel frame structure as a support frame for this purpose.
2. Robot positioning system
The manipulator positioning system is the core of the whole equipment. It is a product of Taiwan Delta Company. The movement speed is fast and the repeatability is relatively high. 0.1mm, fast linear motion speed: 1000mm/s. Among them, the X coordinate axis is a positioning system with a single length of 2000mm and a span of 1700mm. The synchronization of the movement of the two positioning systems is ensured by a synchronous transmitter, which is driven by a 750W servo motor. For the matching of driving torque and inertia, it is equipped with high-precision planetary gear reducer.
The Y-axis adopts a dual positioning system. The reason why such a large-section positioning unit is selected is mainly because the Y-axis is supported by double ends and has a suspended structure in the middle. If the selected section is not enough, the stability of the robot movement will not be guaranteed. Vibration will occur during exercise. Two positioning units are used side by side, and the Z axis is sandwiched in the middle, which can balance the load well. This installation method has very good stability. The two positioning systems are driven by a 750W servo motor, equipped with a high-precision planetary gear reducer for the matching of driving torque and inertia.
The Z-axis positioning system is firm and stable. The product generally has a fixed slider and moves up and down as a whole. Because the servo motor needs to lift the object quickly, it needs to overcome a large gravity and acceleration force, and it needs a large power. In practical application, we chose a 750W servo electric cylinder with brake, equipped with high-precision planetary gear reducer.
3. Servo drive system
The palletizing manipulator uses a servo motor with digital functions. Each motion axis is equipped with a servo motor and a reducer, three motion axes, a total of 3 sets of servo motors and 3 reducers, of which the vertical motion Z axis is a servo motor with a brake.
4. Machine gripper
The manipulator is a pneumatic manipulator, the pressure is adjustable, and it is equipped with a pressure buffer valve, so that the grasping action is stable.
5. Control system
The control system consists of large PLC and touch screen. The system has powerful programming functions. Adapt to different types of pallets. The system can preset programs for various workpieces, and the corresponding programs can be called on the touch screen when changing varieties.
6. Safety protection device
The machine has fault prompt and alarm functions, and can accurately reflect the specific location of the fault every time a fault occurs, which is convenient for quick troubleshooting. It mainly includes: robot collision protection function; workpiece installation in place detection; light curtain safety protection.