The benefits of truss robots to enterprises

| The benefits of truss robots to enterprises

The above are the benefits that enterprises can obtain after using truss robots.
2021-12-27 15:48
After the truss robot is installed, it can replace human hands to perform various process operations, which can reduce a certain amount of manpower to help enterprises reduce expenditure costs. On the other hand, the truss robot can also work continuously for a long time. As long as the production cycle is well controlled, it can effectively improve Production efficiency and quality. Let's take a look at what benefits the well-known truss robot can bring to the production of enterprises.
1. Improve production quality
After the truss robot is installed on the production line, the loading, clamping and unloading are all controlled by the program, so the entire process does not require other intermediate links to participate, and when setting the program, each action node The distance to the movement is accurately calculated, so the accuracy is very high, and each process can be accurately in place, thereby improving the production quality of the product.
2. Reduce material loss
Because the truss robot can change the process flow by modifying the program, and can also adjust different grippers and fixtures according to different production requirements, it can accurately grasp various workpieces without causing damage and damage to materials and workpieces. Let the materials and workpieces be accurately installed in place, so it can help companies reduce material loss and save material costs.
3. Avoid personal injury
It is not uncommon for workers to have some work-related injuries during the production process. In the event of such an accident, the company must pay compensation in accordance with the requirements. After the truss robot is used, the operators on the production line can be removed, so that it can effectively avoid the accidental work accident of the staff and avoid paying the compensation for the work accident.
The above are the benefits that enterprises can obtain after using truss robots. It can be seen that high-quality and inexpensive truss robots can make an important contribution to the increase in the output of enterprises, and can also reduce the loss of materials and workpieces in the production process, and avoid operations. Workers were accidentally injured during production, so it is necessary to replace labor with truss robots.