How much do you know about the technical requirements of electric single-girder cranes?

| How much do you know about the technical requirements of electric single-girder cranes?

How much do you know about the technical requirements of electric single-beam cranes?
2021-01-18 13:17

Technical requirements for electric single girder crane
Equipment performance requirements:
1. The crane's operating mechanism for large and small vehicles should be designed to allow collision with the buffer when the power supply is cut off when running at full speed with no load.
2. The horizontal and vertical deviation of the wheel to the wheel should be strictly controlled within the specified range, and the phenomenon of "rail gnawing" is not allowed.
3. The cart, the trolley and the lifting mechanism should have a reliable braking system, end stroke limit device and buffer device.
4. The electrical equipment of the electric single-beam crane includes the motor and its control equipment. The starting performance should match the mechanical parts.
5. The cart adopts three-in-one drive with hard tooth surface.
6. The main beam adopts a box beam structure, and the main stressed components should be shot blasted.
7. Considering the operating environment of electric single-beam cranes, anti-corrosion coating is required.
Structural requirements.
1. The hook is forged with high-quality carbon steel, after heat treatment, non-destructive testing and metallographic analysis. Each hook should have a safety device to prevent the wire rope from falling off.
2. The lifting rope is a flexible steel wire, and its length should meet the requirements of greater lifting height. The sling rope still has enough safety loops not less than 3 turns on the reel.
3. The blank parts of the reel should be stress relieved before processing.
The diameter and length of the reel shall be such that when the hook is at the lower limit position, there are no less than 2 safety rings and 2 fixed rings of the steel wire on the reel. The pressure plate and bolts should be firm and reliable.
4. When the brake of the electric single-beam crane fails, the hanging parts should drop at the controlled speed, and the braking safety factor of each brake is not less than twice.
5. Material requirements should be reasonable selection of trolley materials, hooks and accessories so that they can meet various operating conditions.
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