Electric control and other requirements for electric single girder cranes?

| Electric control and other requirements for electric single girder cranes?

Electric control and other requirements for electric singlegirder cranes.
2021-01-18 13:39

Electrical and control requirements
1. Electrical equipment includes necessary motors and electrical operators, brakes, controllers, etc., and must have electromagnetic switches, resistors, over-current relays, or fuse junction boxes and wires that must have wire conduits.
Limit switch, collector. It also includes the complete set of line equipment of the crane track and the facilities that are convenient for maintenance, etc. The trolley conducts conduction by hanging cables.
2. Electric single beam crane motor includes control equipment voltage fluctuation (range: upper limit + 10?) lower limit 15.
The motor insulation class is F, and the protection class is IP54. The rated torque of the motor should comply with the national standards for the installation of crane electrical equipment. The motor has enough capacity to bear the load of the hanger.
3. All explosion-proof motors and appliances should have the same explosion-proof grade as the whole machine.
4. Each lifting device has an automatic reset limit switch, which controls the lifting limit of the lifting motor circuit in a normally closed state. When the hook reaches the upper and lower limits of transportation, the hoisting motor circuit is disconnected.
5. The conductive form of the electric single-beam crane trolley adopts the form of safe sliding wire, and the double conductive frame is conductive, and it has safe sliding wire and supporting facilities.
Other requirements All rotating parts of the electric single-beam crane should have a reliable lubrication system.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.