Customized indoor 3 ton electric suspension single beam crane

| Customized indoor 3 ton electric suspension single beam crane

Customized indoor 3 ton electric suspension single beam crane.
2021-01-12 14:53
Equipped with German-speed European-style electric hoist, electrical design, I-beam or H-beam or box-shaped main beam, Wuxi Anneng slide line, standard accessories.
Application scope: warehouse loading and unloading, material handling, mold assembly. Frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation between
0---45m/min; low headroom design, increase effective lifting space; quiet effect, reduce noise hazards; service life of up to 30 years, no worries; start and run smoothly, without impact ; Low failure rate, reducing maintenance costs; Lifting mechanism Unique C-shaped structure, improve lifting space; European-style optimized design, light weight; programmable lifting limit, protection; protection grade IP55, H-class insulation; suitable for ambient temperature -10℃-------+80℃ ; Flat cable + C-type slide rail, running smoothly; Motor Hard tooth surface reducer, high bearing capacity, long life; electric disk brake, dustproof; self-adjusting brake, no manual adjustment; squirrel cage asynchronous motor, 3000 rpm; semi-grease lubrication, maintenance-free; motor + brake + deceleration Box, three-in-one drive; other Enclosed nodular cast iron rope guide; anti-sway system, human-computer interaction; pre-assembled before leaving the factory to ensure that the size of the whole machine is accurate; end beam hinged design to avoid "three legs" phenomenon; high-strength galvanized anti-rust steel wire rope, maintenance-free; European style Crane aviation plug, waterproof and sealed;
Can be customized accroding to your needs.