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| Suspended power-assisted manipulator

The suspended power-assisted manipulator is composed of an installation foundation, a main engine, a rigid arm, and a fixture.
2021-12-28 15:29
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The suspended power-assisted manipulator is composed of an installation foundation, a main engine, a rigid arm, and a fixture. The main arm can be rotated 360 degrees, the secondary arm can be rotated 270 degrees to achieve coverage of the working range, and the rotation can be equipped with a brake mechanism. It is suitable for occasions such as high-frequency handling, positioning, and component assembly.
Power-assisted manipulator system composition:
a. A complete set of power-assisted manipulator equipment is mainly composed of three parts: balance crane main unit, grabbing fixture (or manipulator) and installation structure.
b. The manipulator host is the main device that realizes the non-gravity floating state of materials (or workpieces) in the air.
c. The manipulator is a device that realizes the grasping of the workpiece and completes the corresponding handling and assembly requirements of the user.
d. The installation structure is a mechanism that supports the entire set of equipment according to the user's service area and site conditions.
Power manipulator host:
a) The gravitational balance state of materials of different weights can be realized, which is suitable for the precise transfer operation of materials.
b) When no load, full load and different workpieces are processed, the system can sense the change of its weight, and realize the floating state of the load in the three-dimensional space, which is convenient for precise positioning.
c) The characteristics of full balance, smooth movement, etc., enable the operator to easily carry out the handling, positioning, and assembly of the workpiece.
d) The rigid arm can make the manipulator carry the workpiece over the obstacles; the horizontal arm can meet the requirements of the material to be placed in and taken out horizontally in the relevant places.
e) The system can always maintain the level of the manipulator's head and exert high workability.
f) Joint brake device, with multiple rotary joints to realize material picking and placement in a wide area; equipped with a brake device, the operator can interrupt the movement of the manipulator at any time during the operation.
Power Manipulator Control System
a) There is a component protection box to protect the main precision pneumatic components, avoid accidental impact and dust deposition during operation, and facilitate maintenance.
b) The system is equipped with dual parts, one-way valves and air storage tanks to provide continuous and stable compressed air for the system. When the main air supply is accidentally cut off, it can provide safety for a certain period of time and enable the system to have enough power to complete the project. This operation or unload the workpiece.

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