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| Truss manipulator manufacturers

The characteristics of the truss manipulator are as follows.
2021-12-23 15:12
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Features of truss manipulator:
1. High efficiency---The axes run linearly at extremely high speeds, which can be quickly responded by servo motors;
2. Stability-------Minimal repeatability error, up to 0.05mm;
3. High-intensity ------ work 7x24 hours, no need to eat, sleep, smoke, etc.;
4. High precision ------ the positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm (based on production cost reasons, the positioning accuracy can be appropriately enlarged according to the working conditions);
5. High performance-price ratio——Compared with joint robots, its load weight is heavier and the production cost is lower, which is suitable for the basic national conditions of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China";
6. Simple operation ------ Based on the Cartesian coordinate system, its motion parameters are relatively simple.

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